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Earth After Humans

‘Save the planet!’ We are constantly reminded of this, but do we really listen? Well maybe we should! ┬áMind Warehouse created a time-lapse video with predicted stages of what would happen to our world and it’s inhabiters, starting with a few hours after we disappear to 300 million years later.

So lets begin! The theory predicts that after several hours, the lights around the world would begin to go out, as power stations run on fossil fuel and WE are the ones to control them. This continues 48 hours later with nuclear power plants switching to safety mode due to the drastic decrease in energy consumption, and power cuts in regions that aren’t supplied by hydroelectric power stations.

3 days later, this is where things become more chaotic! The tubes and metros will supposedly become flooded as humans won’t be powering the pumps protecting them. After 10 days, domestic animals locked indoors and livestock will start to die out from starvation and dehydration. Survival of the fittest will set in with larger dog breeds forming packs, and hunting the smaller breeds.. say bye-bye to the chihuahua’s and tea-cup terriers!

A month after human extinction, circumstances deteriorate even more, with explosions occurring from evaporated cooling water in power stations. Radioactivity eventually kills the rest of the animals, but don’t underestimate her! Because this is where planet earth begins to fight back and recover.

One year later, strange stars will fall to earth, as humans over the years placed thousands of objects into earth’s orbit, along with the highest satellites a few more years later. 25 years later, earth begins to flourish without us, as squares and sidewalks turn into areas of vegetation, cities like Dubai and Las Vegas will be covered in sand, and overall the air will be much cleaner without the toxicity of human inhabitants.

Hundreds of years later, man-made constructions will continue to erode and collapse, with nature taking over as vast swamps reappear, and bird and animal species returning to their homes which were unfairly taken from them! Marine animals like whales will blossom as, without the threat of humans, will be able to use the ocean to its full capacity and reproduce. It is even predicted that around 300 million years later, there will be a new rational species.

So it looks like earth is very sturdy, and can easily get rid of any trace of us humans, along with the trash we left behind! The video certainly reminds us that it is not earth that needs us, but humans that constantly rely on her! A reminder that we should look after our world. Never underestimate the power of nature!

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